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SAFPS is an Non-Profit Organisation which aims to improve vigilance with regards to fraud, financial crime and identity theft by educating businesses and consumers about fraud, and assisting them to protect themselves.

We believe that through collaboration, increased awareness and innovative solutions we can curb the losses experienced as a result of fraud and financial crime.


  • In conjunction with some of the largest and most trusted brands in Africa, we strive to combat fraud through delivering a centralised fraud-prevention function.
  • SAFPS maintains and provides an immensely powerful fraud database to assist our Members in detecting and preventing fraudulent activity, and protecting consumers against identity theft and impersonation.
  • SAFPS provides Protective Registration for all consumers who have experienced identity fraud, ID/Passport theft or have had their identity compromised, to protect them against further losses.
  • SAFPS designs, develops and promotes innovative solutions, systems and tools to assist in combatting fraud and financial crime, and protecting consumers.
  • To ensure that SAFPS is a front runner in the fight against fraud by harnessing the power of collaboration and uniting the public sectors, private sectors and consumers in the fight to combat financial crime.
  • To protect both consumers and business against the threat of fraud and financial crime.
  • To protect Southern Africa against the negative impacts of fraud and financial crime.
  • To educate consumers, businesses and markets on the most effective fraud prevention techniques and solutions.
  • To actively collaborate with our Members in the fight against fraud and financial crime.
  1. Commitment:

    SAFPS is committed to providing effective, efficient service to both our customers and stakeholders through the application of best practice principles in fraud prevention:

    • Our data is current and correct.
    • We are beyond reproach in the quality of service we deliver.
    • We foster loyalty and quality relationships built on trust.
    • We uphold professionalism at all times.
  2. Integrity:

    We deliver our services with integrity, ensuring ethical conduct at all times:

    • We uphold honesty.
    • We believe in justice and fairness.
    • We maintain good governance.
    • We understand our responsibility.
    • We uphold non-political beliefs.
  3. Continuous Improvement:
    • Through drawing on trusted international and local sources, we maintain up-to-date awareness of the latest trends in fraud prevention.
    • We keep pace with industry-leading standards.
    • Our methods reflect current technology in information transfer and systems.
  4. Dignity & Respect for the Community:

    We believe in treating everyone fairly, consistently, sensitively, honestly and with respect for their individual rights in compliance with all laws and legislation.

  5. Communication:

    We aim to communicate effectively with our customers and stakeholders:

    • We disseminate regular communications as well as information relating to our service, industry trends and areas of focus.
    • We hold periodic meetings with our members to discuss issues of concern and focus.
    • We maintain meaningful interaction with relevant government departments, NGO's and the media on the benefits of fraud prevention services.
  6. Transparency:
    • We accept accountability for our actions and decisions.
    • We act with honesty and openness at all times.

Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999

WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456


Call SAFPS now on:
011 867 2234

Protect yourself against future fraud & identity theft with Protective Registration


- Identity theft is increasing

Conduct a credit check on your name at least once a year.