Protect Yourself Against Future Fraud with Protective Registration

Register lost or stolen identity books or passports

If you misplace your ID book or passport, or it is stolen, registering it with SAFPS means that we will enter its details on our database to inform our members that your identity has been compromised and that they should take additional care when confirming your identity.

We recommend that you either scan or photocopy your ID book and passport and keep these copies or files securely – and separately from the originals. This will assist you in getting replacements in the event of theft or loss.

If your ID book or passport is lost or stolen, call 011 867 2234 to register the details with SAFPS, or email

Victims of Fraud

If you suspect that you have been impersonated, and accounts have been opened or loans taken out in your name, you should contact the credit provider or debt collector in question to establish if you have been a victim of fraud.

You will be required to provide information that proves that you did not enter into the relevant financial agreement yourself. If the credit provider is a SAFPS Member, a victim of impersonation filing and/or Protective Registration will be loaded on to SAFPS database on your behalf. You must also report the fraud to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Once you have established your innocence, the credit provider will issue you a letter confirming that you have been the victim of impersonation. Apply for Protective Registration using the form below or via the SAFPS mobile app and submit all necessary supporting documentation.

Should the credit provider not be an SAFPS Member, send us the supporting documentation and SAFPS can then create a Protective Registration and Victim filing on our database, and issue you with a PR number and VIC number. Your ID number will be flagged on our database to show that you have been a victim of impersonation, which alerts future credit providers to take additional care when confirming your identity.

SAFPS will also issue you with a Victim of Impersonation letter which you can share with credit providers in the future to assist you in verifying, that you are who you claim to be.


Protective Registration is free

The Protective Registration application can be logged before all the required documentation is submitted, but it will be marked as pending or incomplete.

Apply for Protective Registration in one of 3 ways.

  2. Apply via Email

    Download the PR Application form below, complete and email to with the

  3. SAFPS will call you back

    Complete the form below if you want a SAFPS agent to contact you to start the process.

    I want "FREEDOM FROM FRAUD" I want to be PROTECTED

    Submit your details below and an agent will contact you to start the process.

    You will be issued with a Protective Registration reference number within 48 hours.

    For more info call SAFPS on 011 867 2234 or email us at

Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999

WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456


Call SAFPS now on:
011 867 2234

Protect yourself against future fraud & identity theft with Protective Registration


- Identity theft is increasing

Conduct a credit check on your name at least once a year.